Introduction from R Neil W Mitchell - Founder & Spokesman

My timely and good intention is to start first of all with the management of ‘Banks Claims Group Limited’ as a Litigation Management company. Purpose is a business approach to Litigation Management of Bank Claims handling predominantly through 'Multi-Party' Actions. 

Initially being set up to manage the prospective RBS GRG Group Litigation type of claim in UK and Ireland and to take civil and criminal legal actions in Germany and USA in a division to be known as ‘’RBS - GRG Claims’’. All of these three Claims will have targeted senior bankers as Defendants to pinpoint personal culpability as well as the bank itself as a regulated financial institution.


Also within a ‘’Lloyds HBOS Claims’’ division consideration is being given to launching fully prepared Claims against Lloyds on a product by product basis having been missold by HBOS Corporate lending but covered by Consumer regulation (a breakthrough legal point). Furthermore consideration is currently being given to the prospect of claims being brought in a type of Group Litigations against Lloyds – HBOS BSU UK – wide and HBOS Reading.
My decision is to set up an entirely new Claims Management process with new approach, new structure and new people, with no connection whatsoever to the RBS Rights Issue – Shareholder Action Group, RBS GRG Business Action Group nor RGL Ltd. We will have no funding from financial institutions. Instead the new organisation will be an ABS – Alternative Business Structure ie a law firm regulated by the SRA and run in a professional business-like manner with effective governance, transparency, financial management with legal costs and litigation funding negotiated on the best achievable terms.
There is a secure Claims & Campaign office set up in the City of London. 
There is a satellite office in Edinburgh as one director is based there permanently.
Clarification of purpose is to take £ $ € multi Billions legal actions against RBS and Lloyds Banks in UK and overseas jurisdictions as the only way to gain Compensation for genuine RBS SLS – GRG and Loyds BSU – HBOS Reading victims. 
All of this has been fully prepared though my individual direction, relentless drive and hard work for the last fifteen months with input from significant others, based on all my own experience / intelligence / connections.
Please view the Org Chart and People sections to see how it will work and the skills set assembled – however there are no names identified for security reasons and staff safety.

The intention is to get ALL victims of RBS and Lloyds who apply and are registered on the Banks Claims Group Limited site proper levels of Compensation and to enable us to make targeted individuals and the banks pay.


Now is the time for ACTION.


So in the public interest and in the wider interests of the banks crimes victims as the individual who leaked the FCA S166 investigation Report for the whole world to see and worked on a deconstruction of every word & number in the 351 page report I have now funded a Barrister to draft, file and have served upon the FCA as a ‘Defendant’ and RBS as an ‘Interested Party’ an Application in the Royal Courts of Justice in London for a Judicial Review of the FCA regarding misconduct in public office over the process of the S166 investigation into & report on RBS GRG.

So the Fightback back starts…


If you want to join in... now is the time to stand up... Go to the Register page of this website to register your claim against either RBS or Lloyds restructuring units.



Founder & Spokesman