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UK’s new SME dispute scheme gets disputed

Banking Tech, 30.11.18

MPs call for tribunal to bring 'misbehaving banks' to justice

The Guardian, 20.11.18

Fair banking plans ‘will not help firms’

The Times, 19.11.18

Labour’s break-up threat sends RBS into tailspin

The Times, 16.11.18

Bank bosses are urged to support ‘truth and reconciliation’ inquiry for misconduct victims

Yorkshire Post, 15.11.18

City watchdog probing RBS whistleblower's claim that a cover-up dubbed 'Project Suitable' was used to bury potential mis-selling

Daily Mail, 15.11.18

Small firms’ call for disputes tribunal set to fall on deaf ears

The Times, 12.11.18

Andrew Bailey must pay the price for FCA failures

Financial Times, 12.11.18

Ten years after its near-collapse, RBS is still a toxic brand

The Guardian, 11.10.18

End the scandal of ‘too big to sue’ banks

Financial Times, 11.11.18

RBS’s Ross McEwan on ‘the biggest corporate turnround in history’

Financial Times, 15.10.18

The Guilty Men: RBS Shredded Part Three

Sceptical Scot, 13.10.18

RBS is still shooting itself in the foot ten years on from its £45bn bailout

Independent, 10.10.18

RBS and a decade of pain

Daily Mail, 09.10.18

RBS boss backs calls for regulation of small business lending after GRG scandal

Express & Star, 09.10.18

RBS could change name to repair battered image

The Times, 08.10.18

RBS boss Ross McEwan warns of 'another decade of mistrust'

Sky News, 08.10.18

Mcewan flexes muscle as bank grows in strength

The Herald, 08.10.18

RBS boss: Bank´s tarnished reputation could take another 10 years to recover

Daily Mail, 07.10.18

Watchdog’s secret RBS meetings

The Times, 04.10.18


The Bank That Almost Broke Britain, review: A timely look at the financial crisis

Independent, 03.10.18


RBS chief Ross McEwan apologises in ‘misleading evidence’ row

The Times, 22.09.18

MPs ask Police Scotland to examine HBOS fraud

The National, 17.09.18


Royal Bank chief accused of keeping evidence from MPs

The Times, 15.09.18


Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin amasses £17million pension 10 years after RBS crash that left millions £23k worse off

Mirror, 14.09.18


RBS boss Ross McEwan ‘withheld information’ from MPs

The Herald, 14.09.18

Response to RBS failings ‘was to hit out’

The Times, 14.09.18


RBS CEO ‘Withheld Information’ in Hearing, U.K. Lawmakers Say

Bloomberg, 14.09.18

FCA boss defends watchdog’s lack of action against RBS’s turnaround unit

Irish Examiner, 11.09.18

Kevin Hollinrake: Why is the regulator protecting RBS – instigator of the greatest banking scandal in Britain’s history?

Conservative Home, 10.09.18


RBS boss in bribe inquiry given payoff

The Times, 29.08.18


Small business group report aims to revive RBS scandal

Shropshire Star, 29.08.18

Royal Bank of Scotland bankers ‘joked about ruining US housing market’

Sky News, 16.08.18

Investigate RBS small business scandal, says MP Kevin Hollinrake

The Times, 12.08.18

Ulster Bank is not winding down GRG payout scheme

The Times, 06.08.18


RBS shareholders ‘can expect payout bonanza’

The Times, 05.08.18


RBS to pay first dividend in 10 years

BBC News, 03.08.18


FCA defends decision not to act over RBS small firms scandal

Sky News, 31.07.18


RBS managers will escape action over small firms scandal, says City watchdog

Belfast Telegraph, 31.07.18

RBS escapes action over controversial GRG unit

BBC News, 31.07.18


RBS censured by MPs for winding down compensation programme

The Times, 23.07.18

RBS may want closure, but it should not slam door on small businesses

The Times, 22.07.18


RBS victims face ticking clock on complaints process, 22.07.18


‘More small companies need chance of redress’

The Times, 17.04.18


MPs say Financial Conduct Authority must stand aside for next look at RBS Global Restructuring Group

The Times, 15.04.18

RBS to end ‘nightmare’ as scandal report is published

The Times, 31.01.18


RBS chiefs sorry for ‘awful’ conduct

The Times, 31.01.18


‘I was wrong – RBS unit did destroy struggling firms’: Bank chief makes a staggering U-turn in bruising session with MPs

Daily Mail, 31.01.18


RBS still giving impression that it just doesn’t get it over activities of GRG unit

Independent, 30.01.18


RBS restructuring arm did not turn around ‘vast majority’ of businesses – CEO

Reuters, 30.01.18


Metro Bank boss slams ‘toxic’ RBS culture during his tenure

Evening Standard, 30.01.18


Time to end the auditing merry-go-round

The Guardian, 30.01.18


We need to see the full regulator’s report to clear the stench of RBS

Sunday Times, 28.01.18


Did RBS abuse its turnaround process? We deserve to know

City AM, 24.01.18


Business needs banks on side

News Guardian, 25.01.18


Scandals force door ajar at financial ombudsman

The Times, 23.01.18


RBS Scandal Brings U.K. FCA Review of Small Business Protections

Bloomberg, 22.01.18


Shameful past of Santander’s business chief: Ex-RBS deputy was involved in mis-selling, oversaw unit that sunk small firms – then misled MPs

Daily Mail, 22.01.18


More small businesses should be protected from bad banking, City watchdog says

The Telegraph, 22.01.18


Customers can go hang at RBS, where profit is the only motive

The Guardian, 21.01.18


Business interview: Nicky Morgan, the ex-City lawyer holding Square Mile’s chiefs to account at Westminster

Evening Standard, 19.01.18


Investors suing RBS claim ‘killing floor’ policy came from top bosses

The Herald, 19.01.18


Wrongdoing by RBS restructuring unit ‘driven from the top’, says victims group

The Herald, 18.01.18


British lawmaker points to Santander UK chief in scandal over RBS restructuring unit

Reuters, 18.01.18


Vince Cable ‘disgusted’ with FCA over RBS mistreatment of small firms

The Guardian, 18.01.18


Santander boss named in RBS scandal

BBC, 18.01.18


RBS unit memo told staff to let clients ‘hang themselves’

Financial Times, 17.01.18


Small businesses need a proper tribunal for disputes with their banks, says MP

This Is Money, 13.01.18


British MP Calls For Action Against Banks’ Small Business Mistreatment

PYMNTS, 09.01.18


MPs call on RBS boss Ross McEwan to explain bank’s behaviour in treating businesses in need

Daily Mail, 06.01.18


GRG fall-out could haunt RBS in 2018, analyst warns

Herald Scotland, 03.01.18


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