Claims Process.

There is now a widespread belief amongst bank crime victims, cross party politicians, the media and the general public that RBS through it’s SLS-GRG-Restructuring division acted unlawfully and that many UK and overseas businesses loses are a direct consequence of fraudulent misconduct and deserve proper Compensation. Equally, following the successful criminal prosecution and incarceration of bankers and others involved in the HBOS - Reading fraud there is a need to secure proper Compensation for victims of HBOS - Reading and also against Lloyds HBOS BSU UK wide.


Persons affected are due justice, compensation for such damages and for the consequential loses which resulted from this intentional, widespread, systematic, institutionalised, co-ordinated fraudulent behaviour.


After many years of investigation, intelligence gathering, evidence collection, research and analysis it is now the intention to take a series of actions across certain UK and overseas jurisdictions to pursue avenues of compensation.


Supportive solicitors, barristers, QC’s from top chambers, all with different legal skill sets, have given their inputs by way of consultations and advisements on merits, basis and substance of cases to enable the overall causation, structure and approach to be worked out.


In the UK the headline claims in the litigations will be that RBS and Lloyds HBOS through their respective GRG and BSU restructuring units systematically sought to defraud their customers for their own commercial purposes targeting cash and asset rich businesses which they then funnelled into their GRG and BSU units on the basis of the pretext of a default (often invented), applied heavy charges, places them into a manufactured insolvency process and then in many cases obtained their key assets at below market value prices, or had them sold off by complicit advisers, accountants and administrators to associated vulture funds or in the case of RBS often sold to their own company West Register.


These claims against banks will be large scale, complex and complicated - exactly why Banks Claims Group Limited has been set up to manage all possible heads of claims through common causation. Relevant causes of action which may be planned against RBS and Lloyds are for example ‘unlawful means conspiracy’, ‘dishonesty’, ‘deliberate concealment’ (from so many possibilities). The leading cause of action in each claim has not yet been chosen.


Banks Claims Group Limited is focused upon identifying potential claims that raise common misconduct by RBS and Lloyds HBOS and especially elements of fraud and deliberate concealment in RBS’s and Lloyds behaviours.

This will have an effect on the point from when time runs regarding the time limitation of when actions can be brought.


It is likely that where such elements of fraud or deliberate concealment are present, these will delay time running on some limitation periods until the fraud or deliberate concealment was discoverable. To the extent that these elements are present in RBS’s or Lloyds behaviours, this may offer another way for potential claimants against these banks to seek redress. It may also assist potential claimants with claims which may otherwise already be time-barred.

If such ways can be found to overcome the six year statue of limitation thus opening up RBS claims to go back to the 1992 set up of it’s restructuring unit and similarly with Lloyds HBOS.



Based upon verbal opinions solicited already it is believed that by defining the ‘Governing mind (Board)’ and ‘Controlling mind (CEO and Senior Executives)’ as being in the UK we will be able to include both claims in Northern Ireland and Eire against RBS – Ulster Bank in the UK Action.



Various individuals have pursued costly individual actions against RBS and Lloyds and have than suffered further at the hands of the banks, their lawyers and advisers in terms of legal, financial, health issues and security violations.

Taking up cases against major banks particularly RBS and Lloyds creates a need; in this instance, for groupism. By joining together and pooling resources, we can challenge the actions of RBS and Lloyds on a group basis.


Process / Next Steps


  • Firstly, to apply you must fill in ALL applicable key questions and answer ALL analytical research criteria of the Survey.

  • Registrants will be contacted, and we will begin to gather a significant amount of essential information about what was done to claimant by RBS and Lloyds HBOS.

  • During this process you will authorise us, through the terms of a Claims Agreement, to manage the litigation on your behalf.

  • Our solicitors will than start to work up individual cases, including the taking of witness statements, with a view to issuing proceedings during 2019.

  • The exact process of how so many cases will be deal with by the Court will not be known until we have actually begun to issue proceedings and the matter has been determined by a series of Case Management Conferences. However, we anticipate some form of group representative action - a 'multi-party' action - whereby a relatively small number of cases, representing the full range of repeating actual patterns of RBS and Lloyds HBOS behaviours, will initially be brought, and the Court’s findings of liability therein can be rolled out, in a binding fashion, against RBS and Lloyds HBOS, with respect to similar factual situations in a large number of cases standing behind them.

If you have a valid claim against Lloyds HBOS or RBS SLS-GRG since 1992 please REGISTER NOW.



Banks Claims Group Limited have already had considerable interest from Litigation Funders and ATE providers and thereby have appointed a specialist Corporate Finance / Litigation Funding Brokerage to broker a first deal with a global litigation fund to provide full funding to go all the way to trial for the RBS GRG UK Litigation with ATE Insurance cover.


We are not only discussing this case funding but an overall strategic partnership / funding arrangement for All the claims in All UK and overseas jurisdictions against both RBS and Lloyds HBOS. The intention is that Banks Claims Group Limited will deliver complete operating and litigation funding packages along with insurance cover to offset any potential adverse costs liability.