Q. Does it cost me anything to register?

A. No, there is no cost to register.

Q. Are these a no win, no fee actions against banks?


A. Not quite, Banks Claims Group Limited will arrange all funding to cover all operating & legal costs and ensure that After The Event (ATE) insurance is provided, so that our claimants will not have to pay any adverse costs awarded, in the event that your claim is unsuccessful.


Q. What will be the process of taking action against RBS and Lloyds HBOS?

A. The exact process of how many cases against each bank will be dealt with by the Court will not be known until we have actually begun to issue proceeding and the matter has been determined by a series of Case Management Conferences.


Q. Can I still take action against RBS and Lloyds HBOS if my company has been dissolved?


A. Yes, our team will guide you though this process at the appropriate time.


Q. How long will it take?

A. We start now and will move though the legal process rapidly in 2019.


Q. I have heard that it may be impossible for me to bring a case against the banks because of limitation. Is that true?

A. That depends upon the facts of your case. You can read more about ‘limitaiton’ on the page Claims Process.


Q. How will I know how things are progressing?

A. We will have regular email updates which we will send out to everyone who is registered with us. Once your case is handed over to our legal team you will be guided through the process and updated on progress.


Q. Is Banks Claims Group Limited running a class action?


A. Every consideration is being given to every possible form of 'class', 'group' or 'multi-party' action with no absolute fixed position taken yet on legal approach.



Q. Can I choose my own firm of solicitors, or barrister to act against RBS and Lloyds HBOS?

A. No. Banks Claims Group Limited retain solicitors, barristers, QC’s and expert advisers to act on your behalf against RBS and Lloyds HBOS in these matters. However, if you have a lawyer who has knowledge or documentation relating to your potential case, it is likely that it would be useful for us to make a contact with them.


Q. Will I have to appear in court?

A. If your case progresses to a court case against RBS or Lloyds HBOS, you may have to appear in court to give evidence.


Q. Is Banks Claims Group Limited connected with the RBS GRG Business Action Group or RGL Management?

A. No, we are an entirely different company with a new approach, new people. In fact new everything.


Q. What documentation should I retain, which may be useful as evidence in court cases against RBS and Lloyds HBOS?

A. Keep everything! Please do not destroy, or dispose of, anything at all which could potentially be used as evidence in future case. As well as letters, email, and bank loan documentation including terms and conditions, this also includes text messages, and your own notes from meetings or telephone calls.


Q. What is your opinion is the RBS GRG compensation scheme?


A. It is a complete SHAM. It is now closed to new applicants.


Q. I know people who may be prepared to act as a whistleblowers against RBS and Lloyds HBOS. Would you be interested in speaking to them?


A. Yes we have a dedicated page for Whistleblowers against RBS and Lloyds HBOS where they can make contact in complete confidence directly with Banks Claims Group Ltd.



Q. Do you think that HM Government will ever allow a Tribunal to pass through the two-three year legislation process to become law with full powers?

A. No. With the closure of the RBS GRG 'overcharging of fees' Compensation Scheme, no other groups actually taking any actions and no Tribunal it is believed that these actions are the only way for victims of the state bailed out, state supported, state regulated, state majority / minority owned banks - RBS and Lloyds HBOS - to gain Justice and proper Compensation. 



Q. How do I join?


A. Very simply go to the Register page and fill out the joining application.

Be Proactive – By joining the Banks Claims Group Limited actions you are not only taking steps to bring RBS and Lloyds HBOS to account for damage it has inflicted on your business, employees, you and your family but you are also giving vital support to other business people like yourself. At the same time you will benefit from the strength of numbers in the Group.

Publicity – We are determined to continue to shine spotlights on the completely unacceptable serious misconduct of RBS and Lloyds HBOS. Many victims are happy to share details of the banks strong-arm tactics, sharp business practices and misconduct with the public. If appropriate, we can help to bring your case to the attention of politicians, the local and national media and regulators. Otherwise you and the details of your claim will be kept completely confidential. We do not share information with anybody else.

Contact your local MP – to ensure that you have their support for your individual situation and demand that they support these legal actions  against bank crimes to get Justice and proper Compensation for you and other victims.