I am pleased to present a team of hand picked start up team of 20+ individuals and a number of specialist Advisory firms to pursue actions including:


 -  I will be seen as the full time Founder & Spokesman supported by a Social Media Manager and Office Manager.

 -  An Independent General Counsel (commercial lawyer, contracts specialist, libel lawyer and Barrister) / Litigation Director.

 - The current Head of Intelligence at one of the most significant government agencies will join us as our Head of Intelligence and Security to advice on Intelligence matters and (physical and cyber) Security.

 -  Two specialist Litigation Support PR firms working in partnership will provide an on call service.

 - There are three operating Directors already appointed: a Director – Governance, Director – Finance, Director – Litigation Funding.

 -  Claims Coordinators will handle and administer claims.

 - A renown, well connected, highly effective global anti-bank crime Campaigner well respected by all RBS & Lloyds bank crime victims has agreed to become Campaigns Coordinator as we intend to Campaign on key issues for Claimants.

 - Two international Litigation specialist law firms and a global Litigation Fund are currently engaged in appraising the multi-party claims in multiple jurisdictions.

 - There are pools of Expert Advisers and Witnesses, associate Advisory Firms and Victims Ambassadors who are themselves well known well liked RBS and Lloyds victims who will take onboard the views of RBS and Lloyds victims  / claimants and channel them to me (also a victim).