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On 5th December we announced that to show that we mean business, in the public interest and in the wider interests of the banks crimes victims as the individual who leaked the FCA S166 investigation Report for the whole world to see and worked on a deconstruction of every word & number in the 351 page report; Neil Mitchell pronounced that he had funded a Barrister to draft, file and have served upon the FCA as a ‘Defendant’ and RBS as an ‘Interested Party’ an unprecedented Application in the Royal Courts of Justice in London for a Judicial Review of the FCA regarding misconduct in public office over the process of the S166 investigation into & report on RBS GRG.


Please now see attached a copy of the Second Witness Statement of the Claimant plus Seven Exhibits plus an updated Index and a copy of the covering letter to the CEO’s of the FCA & RBS in support of the Application filed on 31st October 2018 with these legal documents filed in the Royal Court of Justice and served upon FCA and RBS on 2nd January 2019.


The Second Witness Statement was made following information disclosed to Mr Mitchell last month which has caused him to look in more detail at the ‘conflicts of interest’ which are at the heart of the application for permission to bring Judicial Review proceedings.

It concerns the fact that in the FCA section 166 phase 1 report into RBS GRG there is no mention of Mr Derek Sach being a Director of West Register companies whose sole purpose was to acquire, develop and sell properties of SME customers transferred to GRG.

The purpose of the Second Witness Statement is to highlight West Register and focus attention on Mr Sach as the former Head of RBS GRG.

There is also no mention that Mr Sach signed off accounts and that he had shares and share options in the holding company Royal Bank of Scotland Plc from which he benefitted,

Certain exhibits demonstrate that West Register started to acquire SME properties via SLA/GRG from 1993 and not just after 2008, ie during the financial crisis.

It is strange that accounting firms that prepared accounts on a rotating basis not once qualified the accounts about the inherent conflict of interest in West Register companies acquiring SME assets from receivers appointed by SLS / GRG whose head was Mr Sach.

Mr Sach also incorrectly informed the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee in 2014 that SLS / GRG was not a profit centre when it was.


Neil Mitchell commented: “ The bailout of RBS & Lloyds caused Austerity and we all still suffer 10 years on but here we have claims of alleged fraudulent misconduct by a State bailed out, State majority owned, State supported, State regulated RBS.

Theresa May’s government has refused all calls for a Public Inquiry, a new Tribunal system, legal & regulatory changes or Compensation for what has been called ‘the Largest Theft Anywhere Ever”.

There are 5 million Small businesses in the UK employing 20 million people who are the growth engine of our economy – more than 30,000 British Businesses have been destroyed by RBS,NatWest and Ulster Bank.

Banks Claims Group Limited provides a platform to hold the banks to account on a large scale to pursue justice & compensation for all victims of alleged RBS GRG and Lloyds HBOS misconduct.”


Since making this comment Neil Mitchell has funded the posting of a Billboard highlighting the alleged misconduct of RBS GRG and the Government led Cover Up ! on the major A class road running through South London to Gatwick Airport with in excess of 3 million ‘eyeballs’ - people viewing it each month – please see attached image of the Billboard.


The first legal action of our Founder is to personally seek a Judicial Review of the FCA effectively over allegations of cover up & collusion with RBS.

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