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There is now a widespread belief amongst bank crime victims, cross party politicians, the media and the general public that RBS through it’s SLS-GRG-Restructuring division acted unlawfully and that many UK and overseas businesses loses are a direct consequence of fraudulent misconduct and deserve proper Compensation. Equally, following the successful criminal prosecution and incarceration of bankers and others involved in the HBOS - Reading fraud there is a need to secure proper Compensation for victims of HBOS - Reading and also against Lloyds HBOS BSU UK wide.


Persons affected are due justice, compensation for such damages and for the consequential loses which resulted from this intentional widespread, systematic, institutionalised, co-ordinated fraudulent behaviour.


Today; after many years of investigation, intelligence gathering, evidence collection, research and analysis Neil Mitchell, Businessman and leading Campaigner announces the set up of ‘Banks Claims Group Limited’ as the ‘one-stop shop’ Litigation Management company with the purpose to take a business approach to Litigation Management of Bank Claims handling predominantly through 'Multi-Party' Actions across certain UK and overseas jurisdictions to pursue avenues of compensation.


Following his role as CEO, Torex Retail Plc and then Whistleblowing to RBS & the banking syndicate, London Stock Exchange AIM Market, FCA & the Serious Fraud Office for what has become a most significant, most successful investigation in the UK into Corporate Fraud, Neil Mitchell has put ‘people in prison’ already and as a result has become experienced in banking regulation, corporate fraud identification and overall corporate governance.


Mr Mitchell is acknowledged as the whistleblower who brought allegations of the ‘systematic, institutionalised corporate governance failures, regulatory breaches, and possible criminal fraud on an industrial scale in RBS GRG to the attention of the Chairman and CEO of RBS and civil servants & members of the British Government in April 2010.


Neil Mitchell will now take on leading & directing the 530 verified, validated cases already amassed pre-launch. They have a conservative asset value of  £ 2.5 Billion which means as claims they will have a number of heads of damages and the Claim will have a starting quantum of circa £ 15 Billion - which is material given that RBS only has a market capitalisation today of £ 26.26 Billion.

Furthermore Neil’s role will be to draw attention to the prospective Litigations and grow the number of Claimants into thousands of Claims.


Neil Mitchell has literally an army of 300 + associates to call upon to fight claims, campaign and through a team of ‘Victims Ambassadors’ support all victims of bank crime.


‘Banks Claims Group Limited’ is an entirely new Claims Management ‘Platform’ and process with new approach, new structure and new people, We will have no funding from financial institutions. Instead the new organisation will be an ABS – Alternative Business Structure i.e. a law firm regulated by the SRA and run in a professional business-like manner with effective governance, transparency, financial management with legal costs and litigation funding negotiated on the best achievable terms.


Initially being set up to manage the prospective RBS GRG Group Litigation type of claim in UK and Ireland and to take civil and criminal legal actions in Germany and USA in a division to be known as ‘’RBS - GRG Claims’’. All of these three Claims will have targeted senior bankers as Defendants to pinpoint personal culpability as well as the bank itself as a regulated financial institution.

Also within a ‘’Lloyds HBOS Claims’’ division consideration is being given to launching fully prepared Claims against Lloyds on a product by product basis having been missold by HBOS Corporate lending but covered by Consumer regulation (a breakthrough legal point). Furthermore consideration is currently being given to the prospect of claims being brought in a type of Group Litigations against Lloyds – HBOS BSU UK wide and HBOS Reading.


There is a secure Claims & Campaign office set up in the City of London. 

There is a satellite office in Edinburgh as one director is based there permanently.

Clarification of purpose is to take £ $ € multi Billions legal actions against RBS and Lloyds Banks in UK and overseas jurisdictions as the only way to get ALL victims of RBS and Lloyds who apply and are registered on the Banks Claims Group Limited site proper levels of Compensation and to enable us to make targeted individuals and the banks pay.

In Q1 2019 ‘Banks Claims Group Limited’ is prepared to seek Criminal & Regulatory actions against RBS in Germany.

Matters raised with the European Commission – FSMA in Brussels in September 2018 will be directed under their guidance to ESMA in Paris.

In Q1 2019 ‘Banks Claims Group Limited’ will engage with USA Federal & State Prosecutors & Regulators and the SEC and will begin a form of “class actions” against RBS GRG N.A. and RBS GRG Citizens.


In the UK the headline claims in the litigations will be that RBS and Lloyds HBOS through their respective GRG and BSU restructuring units systematically sought to defraud their customers for their own commercial purposes targeting cash and asset rich businesses which they then funnelled into their GRG and BSU units on the basis of the pretext of a default (often invented), applied heavy charges, placed them into a manufactured insolvency process and then in many cases obtained their key assets at below market value prices, or had them sold off by complicit advisers, accountants and administrators to associated vulture funds or in the case of RBS often sold to their own company West Register.


These claims against banks will be large scale, complex and complicated - exactly why Banks Claims Group Limited has been set up to manage all possible heads of claims through common causation. Relevant causes of action which may be used against RBS and Lloyds are for example ‘unlawful means conspiracy’, ‘dishonesty’, ‘deliberate concealment’ (from so many possibilities). The leading cause of action in each claim has not yet been chosen.


Banks Claims Group Limited is focused upon identifying potential claims that raise common misconduct by RBS and Lloyds HBOS and especially elements of fraud and deliberate concealment in RBS’s and Lloyds behaviours.


Ways have been found to potentially overcome the six year statue of limitation thus opening up RBS claims to go back to the 1992 set up of it’s restructuring unit and similarly with Lloyds HBOS.


Based upon verbal opinions solicited already it is believed that by defining the ‘Governing mind (Board)’ and ‘Controlling mind (CEO and Senior Executives)’ as being in the UK we will be able to include both claims in Northern Ireland and Eire against RBS – Ulster Bank in the UK Action.


For each of the Claims Letters Before Action, Claim Forms, Particulars of Claims and Applications will be issued during 2019.

Various individuals have pursued costly individual actions against RBS and Lloyds and have then suffered further at the hands of the banks, their lawyers and advisers in terms of legal, financial, health issues and security violations.


Today it is time to start to Fight in ‘multi-party’ Actions.

So today; to show that we mean business, in the public interest and in the wider interests of the banks crimes victims as the individual who leaked the FCA S166 investigation Report for the whole world to see and worked on a deconstruction of every word & number in the 351 page report; Neil Mitchell announces that he has funded a Barrister to draft, file and have served upon the FCA as a ‘Defendant’ and RBS as an ‘Interested Party’ an unprecedented Application in the Royal Courts of Justice in London for a Judicial Review of the FCA regarding misconduct in public office over the process of the S166 investigation into & report on RBS GRG.

Please see attached confirmation of ‘New’ Application, Judicial Review Claim Form, Front page citing both FCA and RBS and the entire Court stamped & sealed Application filed on 31st October 2018  and served on FCA and RBS on 6th November 2018.


Neil Mitchell commented: “ The bailout of RBS & Lloyds caused Austerity and we all still suffer 10 years on but here we have claims of alleged fraudulent misconduct by a State bailed out, State majority owned (RBS), State supported, State regulated RBS & Lloyds HBOS.

Theresa May’s government has refused all calls for a Public Inquiry, a new Tribunal system, legal & regulatory changes or Compensation for what has been called ‘the Largest Theft Anywhere Ever”.

There are 5 million Small businesses in the UK employing 20 million people who are the growth engine of our economy – 30,000 British Businesses have been destroyed by RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank.

Banks Claims Group Limited provides a platform to hold the banks to account on a large scale to pursue justice & compensation for all victims of alleged RBS GRG and Lloyds HBOS misconduct.”


Forthcoming other actions that Banks Claims Group Limited are significantly involved in:

  • “Larger than Watergate” document release by associate William May.

  • Lafferty Group Global conference on ‘Business Banking” to be held in London in 2019.

  • Paradiso Films Documentary “Spank the Banker” coming to cinemas across UK early in 2019.

Political Support:


There is cross-party support for these actions but I would suggest media enquiries should be directed to my MP – Patrick Grady SNP Chief Whip and Jonathan Reynolds MP – Labour Party Shadow City Minister.


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