The founder R Neil W Mitchell is a whistleblower qualifying as a protected person under the 1998 Public Information Disclosure Act (PIDA) approved by SFO, FCA, City of London Police and London Stock Exchange - AIM Regulation Unit.

For security reasons Mr Mitchell and his family remain on the watch lists of City of London Police, Met Police and Police Scotland. Mr Mitchell blew the whistle and ultimately put fraudulent board members at Torex Retail Plc in prison.

Mr Mitchell is acknowledged as the whistleblower who brought allegations of the ‘systematic, institutionalised corporate governance failures, regulatory breaches, and possible criminal fraud on an industrial scale in RBS GRG to the attention of the Chairman and CEO of RBS and civil servants & members of the British Government in April 2010.

So there is a compassionate understanding of the important role played by whistleblowers and the plight of whistleblowers given the overarching need to encourage, support, protect, recognise whistleblowers for the value they give to democracy in today’s society and in the pursuit of justice.

Whistleblowers are actively encouraged to contact Neil Mitchell directly at Neil.Mitchell@banksclaimsgroup.com at Banks Claims Group Limited in complete confidence if you have any information on RBS and Lloyds past and present Management and of past and present misconduct. Alternatively you may complete and submit the form below.

Prepared to take information from past and present employees of RBS, GRG, Lloyds, HBOS Reading and consultants, valuers, accountants, insolvency practitioners who may have knowledge and evidence of such criminal behaviour.

Mr Mitchell personally manages a network of financial activists, ‘intelligence’ connections and whistleblowers built up over the last eleven years including; rumoured but never confirmed, inside the FCA, RBS and HM Treasury.

Banks Claims Group Limited may discreetly utilise whistleblower’s information in the pursuit of claims however we will also assist whistleblowers make submissions to the relevant regulatory and criminal investigative authorities where appropriate.  




Notes for Form completion 

Please leave us a message about what you witnessed in the box below, and please include a reference to the position you held which caused you to witness these activities.

If you are happy for a member of our team to contact you in strict confidence, please also leave your contact details.

While anonymous accounts are welcome, they may not be of direct assistance in building our claims or getting justice, although they may provide useful background information.